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The earthquake survivors of
Sichuan thank you for your

In May, 2008, almost 70,000 people were killed, 400,000 injured and millions more left homeless by the devastating earthquake that swept through China's Sichuan Province.

Thanks to your generosity, SCMP Homes for Hope raised a grand total of HK$16.1million to rebuild 980 homes for 2,432 people and provide essential services for two of the hardest hit areas in Sichuan, Mianzhu and Jiu Zhai Gou.

As the first phase of the project was largely completed in December 2009, we wanted to share with you just two of the many stories from the families whose lives your generosity has helped to transform. On behalf of ourselves and all the families, you have our deepest gratitude.

"We snuggled together to stay warm during the freezing cold nights..."

Liang Kaiquan, (61) and his wife, Li Zezhen (58), are amongst the poorest families in Mianzhu. Combined with government subsidies, your kind donations have ensured the Liangs' meagre savings haven't been wiped out by expensive construction fees. "Our original wooden shack was far out of town and was built in the 1970s. While we had no electricity or water, we lived there happily for over 20 years", said Kaiquan. "With post-earthquake temperatures dropping to around 1oC, we snuggled together to stay warm in a canvas tent", he added. "Our new apartment block's steel and concrete construction means it's much more earthquake-resistant. Best of all, we not only have power and water, we can see the local shops from our flat window and no longer have to travel 20kms into town".

"We contemplated the future in a 'house' made of wood and plastic sheets..."
We contemplated the future in a 'house' made of wood and plastic sheets...

Having lost most of their savings in a piggery destroyed by the earthquake, farmers Li Changfu (27) and his wife, Deng Shunping (22), struggled to survive in a 'home' made of wood and plastic sheeting. Amazingly, the two got married earlier this year. "Like many other young local couples, we despaired of ever enjoying a normal life again. Thankfully, government support and SCMP Homes for Hope donors' kindness have helped turn both our and many other people's lives right around".

Look what other miracles your donations have achieved...

In Mianzhu
Your kindness has provided 2,432 villagers from Qingquan, Hongyan and Shaba with non-cash subsidies in the form of construction materials such as concrete and steel. Combined with government grants and contributions from the villagers themselves, your generosity has enabled these families to move into earthquake-resistant, 60 sq. m. homes, complete with more modern infrastructure such as roads, tree planting and attractive communal areas.

In Jiu Zhai Gou
Your donations have helped reconstruct vital infrastructure resources such as roads, water supplies and a solar heating system. You have also helped build a medical clinic which now serves over 500 villagers from Ma Jia Xiang village in Jiu Zhai Gou county.

Updates for SCMP Homes for Hope

In Mianzhu, your help to the villagers was extended with the irrigation project completed by July 2010. 64 irrigation channels were connected and a dyke of 3,500m long was built for local irrigation usage. Village roads connecting Qing Quan village houses were built and that make lives of villagers easier and more commutable.

In Jiu Zhai Gou, all vital infrastructure resources were completed by late 2010. 4 kilometers roads were built, water & electricity supplies connected to households, sewage systems were built, a medical clinic and a plaza with playground were also constructed.